Lawyers can be a dubious, duplicitous lot; Mrs. Rowan is the complete antithesis of this ethos. She's a consummate professional completely dedicated to helping you resolve your legal troubles. I was recently her client and her non-stop efforts not only helped me avoid jail time but an excellent plea agreement with the prosecutor. She is as tough as nails yet compassionate and understanding. Mrs. Rowan's knowledge of the legal system is second to none and she takes the time to explain your charges and options in language easily grasped. She is now on my speed dial. I can not thank her enough; if you need legal representation, she's your lawyer.

~ Louie T

Our family found ourselves in a situation where we were very much fish out of water and had no idea of the steps to take next. We put this situation off for a year and half before we knew we had to face it head on. We were scared, stressed, confused, and had no idea what the future held. We received a phone call from Barbara Rowan, and this situation that had been hanging over our heads - for what felt like forever, seemed like maybe it was going to have a positive outcome more quickly than we ever imagined possible. She jumped into action, immediately; explained what we were facing, explained what she needed from us, and did her best, without making any guarantees, to explain the outcome she hoped for. We were hopeful and it all worked out, better than any of us thought possible! I cannot express the relief we all feel, and how appreciative we are of Barbara Rowan. Should I ever find myself in a similar situation, or know someone that is, I would not hesitate to steer them in her direction; in fact, I would insist on it!

Thank you for your help, your peace and your calm, during our storm. Thank you!

~ Lynsey A

I met Barbara last month while I was searching for legal assistance after I had experienced a sexual assault at my apartment complex. Even though I had numerous witnesses' names and contact information, a police report, the perpetrator's information, and had started the process to file a protective order... I was still dealing with a difficult property manager who had accused me of lying about this event to break my lease.

In a sea of chaos and confusion, Barbara Rowan was the calm voice I needed to sort through it all. She is an incredibly compassionate and experienced lawyer. I appreciated how quickly she got back to me with any questions or concerns I had. She was very transparent about the process and what my options were and above all, she was always kind.

Taking legal action after experiencing sexual assault can be very difficult. You are having to relive the experience each time you tell your story and trusting others does not come easy. Barbara understands that and she will fight for you. She also provided me with resources to help me fight for myself. I fully recommend anyone who is looking for legal assistance, especially anyone who is a victim of sexual assault, to work with Barbara.

~ Natalie K.

Having not had much experience with our local legal system, I found myself accused of a crime that would impact my ability to work and provide for my family. I was lucky enough to be referred to Barbara Rowan by one of her colleagues. Barbara met with me personally and took the time to deeply understand my situation. In a very short amount of time, Barbara was able to negotiate a solution with Travis County that kept my job secure and my record clean. Before meeting with Barbara I was losing sleep and worrying about my predicament. After meeting with Barbara in her offices downtown, I relaxed knowing that my interests were being well taken care of by a consummate professional. I can't recommend her services enough and will be referring her to my friends colleagues for some time to come.

~ Neal W

Barb is such a great lawyer & worth the time and money ! I would recommend her to whoever is seeking a very good lawyer to get the job done ! She did so much work just to get me back home with my family in such a short amount of time.

~ Rashaad W

We retained Barbra Rowan services to assist me with a summons I received stating that I was in motion to revoke the felony probation I had been on.

I had been on Probation for 5 years for a Class III Felony Assault case with deferred adjudication with the conditions stating as long as I completed everything that was required. My charge would be dismissed.

I had been doing good and then COVID- 19 happened where I couldn't attend my required classes in person. I reached out to my probation officer to advise of what was going on with possible online classes be an option. Then next I know I have a summons to appear in court on the 16th of September to revoke my probation and send me back to jail for possibly 4 years and I had no attorney to help me. I was referred to Barbra Rowen and after reviewing her online profile and credentials, I became aware of the extensive background she had as a prosecutor with the Travis County Attorney's office. During our first encounter she gave me hope that I would finally get this all situated but what really sealed the deal was in our zoom meeting she was honest , easy to communicate with regarding concerns and even her fees were reasonable. She made me feel like she really was on my side. She was able to get me off probation in such a short amount of time and weeks before my given court date. I signed the contract on 8/7/20 she was able to get me off a 5 year long sentence before the court date on 8/31/2020. Thank you Barbra for helping me and really going above and beyond, answering all my questions and keeping me in the loop every step of way ! I couldn't ask for a better Criminal defensive attorney!

~ Ashley B

I would highly recommend Mrs. Barbara for hire. From the moment I met with her regarding the case I needed legal representation on, she was caring & willing to help find any answer we needed along the way to get the best possible outcome. She kept in close contact with me, we talked almost every day. Never once did I feel like I was bothering her or she was too busy to make me feel completely comfortable & confident I made the right decision hiring her. She truly cares about her clients & their families; you won''t be just another number to her or a way to collect a paycheck.

She's five stars! I will forever be thankful for her patience & understanding!

~ Nicole

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